AdBlue & Euro 6 Engines

AdBlue technology is increasingly appearing in new diesel vehicles to help reduce exhaust emissions. This guide explains what that means for our customers.

Euro 6

The Euro 6 emissions standard came into force in 2016 and affects diesel vehicles in particular. To comply with the new rules, manufacturers have had to focus on minimising harmful nitrogen-oxide emissions.


AdBlue is a colourless, non-toxic liquid made up of water and urea. It’s used in new diesel engines to comply with Euro 6 in an effort to reduce harmful gases from diesel exhausts. A small amount of AdBlue is injected into the flow of the exhaust gases, so when they come into contact, they break down the mono-nitrogen oxides which are harmful to the environment, and instead produce nitrogen and oxygen which are harmless gases that already occur naturally.


If your vehicles cover high mileages, then you may need to refill your AdBlue by yourself in between services. You’ll of course be reminded by notifications on your dashboard to do so, but you should take note that if you don’t refill your AdBlue before the tank runs empty, then it may not start the next time. It’s very simple to refill, all you have to do is open the AdBlue cap next to your diesel cap, screw on the connector and pour it in.

You can buy AdBlue refill bottles for around £1.50 a litre, and it can be found in a many different shops, fuel stations and online.


The distance travelled with a full tank of AdBlue, like with fuel, is dependent on driving style and the weight of load carried. There are 3 warnings in place for the driver to be notified that they’re running low, and by following the information provided on the dash board, the driver can monitor how much further they can travel before AdBlue needs topped up.

The AdBlue will always have been topped up, as we do with fuel, to make sure you get a full tank on collection, therefore, when you off hire, the tank will be topped up and you will be charged accordingly.  Minimum charges are as follows:

Up to 1 litre top up          £1.50 plus vat.

2+ litres top up                  £1.50 per litre plus vat


If you do not take notice of the dashboard warnings and allow the AdBlue to run out and the van enters limp home mode, you will be charged for the necessary work to enable the van to be hired again.

AdBlue dashboard notifications can be seen below. (These will be different for each manufacturer)

Information Only

Level reading

Driver Warning State

Calculated range from 1500 miles , decreases based on AdBlue consumption.
AdBlue Alert

Inducement State

When previous countdown reaches 500mile, message changes to No Engine Start in 500 miles
AdBlue Notification

 Final Inducement State

No engine start in 0 mile, Once vehicle keyed off restart inhibited until system refilled. DTC P21D-68 will be set at this point, Will clear after system refilled & key cycle performed.
AdBlue Empty


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